Monday, June 3, 2013


Scorpion in our apartment

Some of the ruins in Chiapa de Corzo
Dear family,

Sorry if I write a little less this week but I just got to chat for a little with Elder B (Bramwell) because he was on which was great because I sure do miss him.

We are struggling to find people right now but we have been blessed with people who have the desire. We will have a baptism saturday of Danyra who honestly seems fake with how easily she has accepted the gospel.

Zara and her family are amazing. Yesterday we saw them walking to church. Zara with 3 daughters and son (one daughter is handicapped in the leg) and the grandkids. like 5 of them. The left at 6:30 to make it to church by 10. And they have NOTHING... the house is of dirt and sticks and wood and really its hard to describe. Zara received such a powerful answer to her prayer. 2 daughters arent married to their husbands and asked us if that meant they would get kicked out of church and we told them absolutely not. I am grateful for the members and their love which makes this family want to go to church. And one decided to get married and a member will pay for the wedding. 2 of them have baptismal date right now but I know they will all get baptized because they study the book of mormon every day. Truly amazing family because they told us the trail is full of mud so they walked bare foot and stopped in the river to wash feet and put shoes on. 3 hours walking and over 6 miles of mountain trail. I love this family.

Had some pretty amazing scripture study this week. This week I heard several times people say they are seeing the change which strengthened my testimony that this gospel really changes peoples lives and makes people happy.

We have an investigator who wants to find the true church. Her son 10 years old has been going and loves it and he asked her what religion she was which is motivating her. She sent us a message today to tell us we cant visit her because of other problems which is really frustrating sometimes.

1 more week until transfers so well see what happens. Whenever I leave I do feel good how I am leaving the area. We have learned in this mission that we should always say we are leaving the area better then we got here. I know the area is better but that I was only an instrument in God´s hands. I have made a lot of mistakes and could have done more or not made some mistakes but it is helping me grow and learn to follow the spirit.

I love you all
Love, Elder Lythgoe