Monday, June 3, 2013


Scorpion in our apartment

Some of the ruins in Chiapa de Corzo
Dear family,

Sorry if I write a little less this week but I just got to chat for a little with Elder B (Bramwell) because he was on which was great because I sure do miss him.

We are struggling to find people right now but we have been blessed with people who have the desire. We will have a baptism saturday of Danyra who honestly seems fake with how easily she has accepted the gospel.

Zara and her family are amazing. Yesterday we saw them walking to church. Zara with 3 daughters and son (one daughter is handicapped in the leg) and the grandkids. like 5 of them. The left at 6:30 to make it to church by 10. And they have NOTHING... the house is of dirt and sticks and wood and really its hard to describe. Zara received such a powerful answer to her prayer. 2 daughters arent married to their husbands and asked us if that meant they would get kicked out of church and we told them absolutely not. I am grateful for the members and their love which makes this family want to go to church. And one decided to get married and a member will pay for the wedding. 2 of them have baptismal date right now but I know they will all get baptized because they study the book of mormon every day. Truly amazing family because they told us the trail is full of mud so they walked bare foot and stopped in the river to wash feet and put shoes on. 3 hours walking and over 6 miles of mountain trail. I love this family.

Had some pretty amazing scripture study this week. This week I heard several times people say they are seeing the change which strengthened my testimony that this gospel really changes peoples lives and makes people happy.

We have an investigator who wants to find the true church. Her son 10 years old has been going and loves it and he asked her what religion she was which is motivating her. She sent us a message today to tell us we cant visit her because of other problems which is really frustrating sometimes.

1 more week until transfers so well see what happens. Whenever I leave I do feel good how I am leaving the area. We have learned in this mission that we should always say we are leaving the area better then we got here. I know the area is better but that I was only an instrument in God´s hands. I have made a lot of mistakes and could have done more or not made some mistakes but it is helping me grow and learn to follow the spirit.

I love you all
Love, Elder Lythgoe

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Gomez Flores Family is Baptized

The Gomez Flores Family was baptized on May 25, 2013

Pretty interesting week. Spent my day of the one year mark in the house because I got what we call the double dragon. That would be diarrea and throwing up. It was awful and you feel like you are going to die haha

We baptized the gomez flores family but it was a roller coaster to get there because we got a message from roberto wednesday that his wife didnt want to anymore so we cancelled plans and went to visit her and she was just crying and telling us why and at the end she said si me quiero bautizar which was great to hear. Honestly, I was pretty out of it but yesterday after church they came up to us and hermano roberto was like we have something to tell you so I got super nervous. And then they told us that they signed up to feed us next week haha and asked what we want to eat. It is amazing how highly these people think of the missionaries here in Mexico.

The sister maria who had the prayer story well we visited her again. She told the same story but with more detail which will make you laugh. We visited her with the second counselor of the branch and she told him the story how she prayed the way WE told her in the name of His apostles Peter,James, John and Jose Smith. And I was like where the heck did that come from so we retaught her and as we are explaining it she is sitting there saying exactly haha

She came to church with 2 of her daughters and one is handicapped with some leg thing so cant walk that well. Anyways they walked for 2 and a half hours to go to church and members told us after how impressed they were and with the example they were and how she said in relief society that we arrived in the moment she needed it most. Great example of faith and sacrifice.

We have a new investigator who told us that she wants to be a member and get baptized and has a baptismal date for June 8. Other than that we are looking for people to teach right now.

I love you.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Exciting Experiences this week

We had some exciting experiences this week. First, the lady who went super far to teach. We ran into her. We asked her if she read the pamphlet and said yes and she believed it.

She said her grandson got sick and she told us. I said the prayer the way you showed me because you told me that was the way to pray and her grandson was better in two hours. She said she has never felt this before and she feels she needs to go to church so we will see if she goes because she lives super far away.

That is exciting that Carlie got baptized.

We did divisions this week and when I got back this little kid came running up to me because his mom said he was super mad that I had left for a day. Even though I want to leave it will be super hard.

I love seeing the progress of the investigadores. Esteban gave a talk in church yesterday, Carmen received the aaronic priesthood. Jorge and Francisco are still going strong and others.

Lately, people have been saying hi to us and we find out they are inactive members and want to go to church so we will try visiting them this week because all of them have family who arent members and we hope to find new investigators.

The faith of people here always amazes me. People tell us they do stuff because we told them and that always amazes me that they trust so much in what we are telling them.

I love you.

Love, Elder Lythgoe

Monday, May 13, 2013

I Have the "gene" now too - Tears

It was great seeing and talking to you all yesterday even though I completely embarrassed myself but I know it would come out sometime that I have that gene now too haha.

Happy mothers day mom. I really do have a testimony of what I said yesterday that Heavenly Father has given me great parents to help me which I never realized before. I was thinking about that this morning when I remembered something that I want to apologize for. When I first got here and said I put my arm around a girl for a picture I said I forgot. Really I was just afraid to tell the member no because he was saying its ok because we are friends. I have learned that it is much more important to be obedient and honest so I am sorry for telling it that way.

One of the greatest blessings of the mission is learning obedience but in a different way. Learning that it only matters in preparing to live with God and be obedient to him and not worrying what others think. I would be disobedient because I wanted the members to like me but I realized it is more important to have their confidence and to have them say that I was an obedient missionary not a cool missionary.

We walk a ton and use a lot of transportation because our area is HUGE!!! The other day we received a reference and she said its a little far... A LITTLE... we walked in a dirt road for an hour uphill... both ways haha we left at 430 from Chiapa and got back at 730.

Funny experience... we visited Nadia and her mom this week and the mom had a shirt on that said. Science. It works, bi..... we started laughing and she was like. oh no does my shirt say something bad... another time the branch president sent us a message to ask what... f the cubs meant... another shirt he saw... everyone here knows the english cuss words and it is very normal to hear kids say the f word or mexican missionaries because they think its funny without knowing what it means... we have to explain a lot of stuff like that

I love you and hope you have a great week.

Love, Elder Lythgoe

Monday, May 6, 2013

Plugging along

I am not going to lie but this was probably the hardest week of my mission but God really blessed us. We started the week with only the family as investigadores. Tuesday I just felt the whole day that I had 4 baptisms this transfer with them and that was good. It is hard staying in an area for so long. I tried to keep pushing forward and that night we found twin girls whose dad is member but lives in Puebla Mexico and they speak english. We are now teaching them. We teach in english which is hard because I dont know how to teach in english and my comp still doesnt say too much haha.

Also, this week we found an inactive sister who has not gone to church in about 10 years and has a 14 year old boy and 8 year old daughter who arent baptized. They went to church with us yesterday. Also, we found a family  and the mom wants us to teach her kids but she is also listening to help them.

I think almost every day this week God answered my prayers through the Book of Mormon. I know that it is true and God uses it as His tool to help us.

Yesterday there was a change of the branch presidency counselors and after so much time here it felt the same is it feels in the home ward. Sadness and excitement for those who are released and called.

I love you. Happy anniversary mom and dad. Hope you all had a good 5 de mayo because here in Mexico it is nothing haha. Dad I am proud to call you my dad. I always strive to be like you and follow your example. The faith and testimony that you have of the Savior really inspires me.

Love, Elder Lythgoe

Monday, April 29, 2013

Transfers - And I'm Going to. . .

I will going to the beautiful pueblo of chiapa de corzo haha. Thats right im here again. I think I will be getting a ward calling soon haha... I was super suprised but happy because we have a family of 4 that we will be baptizing this month. President did tell me one time that I would help a lot of people in this area so I guess that is true if I stay here my whole mission haha

The little girl did get baptized. Her name is Sarahí and there is also the picture of Carmen and his baptism. We didnt take the picture because this was a rough sunday for converts and investigadores.
Pretty tough week but a good missionary experience we had was when Roberto the father in this family told us how he felt during the baptismal service. I realized that people really can feel the spirit strongly through us or ordinances. We just feel good and dont think anything of it and the people tell us how amazing they feel. Saturday after the baptism roberto told us he had never felt that before and I was thinking where did you feel that when I realized that the spirit is manifested through us and the ordinances of the gospel because we have be set apart. Also, I know for someone who has never felt the spirit to feel it for the first time will definitely notice a difference.

Learning experience... patriarchal blessing... they are amazing huh? You can decide whether you send this part out to others or not. The part that talks about not taking the honor to myself. I never really understand that until this week. It really is a weakness of mine but I am glad I was able to recognize that and work on it.

Another thing is about virtue... Thoughts are everything. President Cardenas talks about that ALOT... Does God really know our weaknesses? you bet he does and sometimes we dont even recognize that. I dont know all the reasons I was sent to this mission but one was definitely learn this from my mission president. That was definitely a weakness of mine and if one learns to control thoughts avoids all the mistakes.

I will let you know next week whats happening for mothers day here. Mothers day in Mexico is always May 10 so I dont know when we will call. I love you

Carmen (next to Elder Hincha) and his son in law who baptized him.  Carmen speaks totzil.

Aprendan su español porque no sé hablar ingles en voz alta jaja
Con amor,
Elder Lythgoe

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Baptism of Jorge!


We got to baptize Jorge yesterday and it was such an awesome experience becuase he went from someone who wouldnt pray with us to give an amazing closing prayer in his baptismal service. That and conference were the highlights because other than that. Elder Hincha had diarrea and was throwing up this week and i think it was my fault. We are not supposed to eat food from the street but one day a sister gave us tacos and I accepted without thinking before i realized it was desobedience. Once again I got to see the blessings of obedience and the consequences of desobedience.

In two more weeks we have two more baptisms and possibly another in 3 weeks. My companion still doesnt understand and talk but I make him talk in the lessons so he can get over his fears.

Funny experience. We got to watch all conference but saturday morning we watched the saturday morning session from 2011 and didnt realize until later that day. God has a misterious way of working because there was a message that I really liked and needed to hear in that conference.
Conference was amazing. Favorite talk was easily President Uchtdorf in priesthood. But it was funny because after sunday morning Jairo told me that he didnt want me to baptize but Monson haha. It is amazing how people can truly see that he is a prophet of God.

I just want to testify that God answers prayers. Before the conference saturday I prayed that God would show me how I can strengthen my faith more. What did Elder Holland talk about? Yep thats it. In the last session but I knew God would answer my prayer through his chosen mouthpieces. Honestly, I forgot about it at that point and then as Elder Holland was finishing the thought came to my mind that God answers prayers and then I remembered my prayer.

I loved how a big theme in this conference was centered in Jesus Christ and His atonement and faith in him and how God loves. Such an uplifting experience and I felt bad that my companion didnt understand a word.

As far as my birthday goes I didnt even really think about it. It was nice not to think about myself. That night we found an inactive sister who was super happy that we visited her and she has a 9 year old daughter who isnt baptized and finding this family was the best birthday present I could have asked for. Only the Lopez family knew and sent me a text message to wish me a happy birthday. Mario my ward mission leader and his family and his dad Bartolo our investigator.

I love you!!
Love, Elder Lythgoe

Monday, April 1, 2013

Elder Hincha arrived

Elder Hincha from Arizona!  He is great.

House of Prayer - our old meeting place for church
Here I have a foto of the house of prayer and my companion. Elder Hincha who is 19 from Arizona. First time I have been the short companion haha. Elder Cavazos went about an hourfrom here to Villaflores.

He is a great missionary and just a great kid and we get along great. Really we dont talk to much because I am not allowed to talk to him in english and he doesnt understand or speak right now but every now and then I say a few words in english so he doesnt get too discouraged. He really doesnt speak too bad but is just afraid to talk. I remember trying and not being able to so I just need to get him to talk.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. We got packages and letters about a week ago so I missed it by about 2 months when we get them again haha but who knows.

Honestly with a new companion who doesnt speak it is super hard but what I like is that I am able to improve. I have been able to realize and fine tune a couple more things in obedience. My companion literally does EVERYTHING i do so if i choose not to be obedient he will never be an obedient missionary which has made me look for every little thing i can change because I just want Elder Hincha to be a better more succesful missionary than me. I always thought 100% obedience just applied to the big things like getting up on time and going to bed on time but there are so many little rules that I have sometimes ignored that are just as important. I know you have always tought me this but I really struggle with it in that not worrying what other missionaries or people think. I worred about the before. I worried about not ofending an investigator family so they would be more likely to accept the message or I was scared what they would think. I learned that that doesnt have anything to do with their conversion and the most important thing I can do is please my Heavenly Father and be an example to the people.

The good thing is that a mission is two years since it has taken me ten months to realize and learn something crucial. Yesterday I learned the importance of READING what we write in our journals or the notes we take. I took notes in conferences and firesides before the mission and in the mtc where I received revelation to learn something but after that day I forgot about it and never put it in practice until now which is pretty sad but I am grateful that I have finally learned.

Sé que sin ninguna duda que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero y nos ayudará a evitar y superar todas las tentaciones que tengamos. LES AMO

Love, Elder Lythgoe

Monday, March 25, 2013


So i still dont have a companion haha. He gets here tomorrow and he is american. Thats all i know. Im super nervous because I dont understand 100 and dont speak 100% and now I have a comp who knows nothing but im excited because I know his humility and desire to share his testimony will invite the spirit. Last week I worked with a young man one day and the others with my district leader who is waiting his companion as well. Great experience to learn from Elder Martinez ( from colombia). Great missionary. He has the same time in the mission as me but knows a lot and I am super grateful for the experience.

Yesterday another brother worked with me so we could attend church in our area. We assisted for the first time in the new chapel. Truly amazing and really exciting. I am excited for the chance we will have to find new people through using the chapel.

We had a zone conference with a 70 the other day and his talk was alright but what his wife said was truly amazing. She talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and if we want to stay active and help people stay active we have to read the Book of Mormon everyday. I know the book of mormon converts people because I have felt it and i am seeing it right now. We are teaching Jairo who really had a lot of problems and he told me yesterday that he was at the church because of me. Really I did nothing but the book of mormon worked in him. He has already finished 1 nefi and is read 2 nefi and I know that is what is changing him. I know ex missionaries and cualquier (whichever) member - i dont know - will never go inactive if they read the book of mormon every day and I have committed to do that the rest of my life.

They havent told us anything about the new emailing so who knows. Yesterday we started teaching someone and he accepted the invitation to be baptized. It was pretty funny because he asked me hermano I have a question. If my wife is catholic and doesnt want anything can i get baptized solo or it has to be with her. We explained a little more about baptism and he said if you tell me I can do it then I accept.

Yesterday at church we didnt have that many investigators but Jairo walked in about 45 minutes late with a big smile and waved to me and I just felt super happy to see him there. Jairo is 19 and he is super funny and I love the guy.

The other day with Elder Martinez we had quite the experience with their investigator. She said she read and prayed about the book of mormon and felt something she had never felt before and we helped her realize that was her answer. Then she told us the church was true and we invited her to baptism but she said she would join another church because they had given her a story of an ex mormon who found the truth and thats why. she still says the church is true but was confused with this. Elder Martinez asked her how many times we had said something bad about another church and she said never but it was amazing to me to see her not accept after the experience she had had.

Les amo muchisimo y sigo orando para que tengan oportunidades a compartir el evangelio. Espero que este practicando a hablar español en Mayo paps.

Love, Elder Lythgoe

Monday, March 11, 2013

Life as a missionary is Great!

Elder Lythgoe in Chiapa de Corzo where he has served for the past 5 months
Cool Story - Presidente Cardenas converted this man 20 years ago when he served as a missionary in Chiapa de Corzo.  The convert went inactive until about 1 1/2 years ago when Presidente showed up on his door step.  They had not seen each other for 20 years.  He has been active in our branch since then and he is preparing for the Temple to be sealed to his wife soon.
Updates on investigators
We have a family of 4 that are progressing and reading the Book of Mormon but havent accepted baptismal date yet. They have gone to church twice which is good.
Roberto y Nara have gone to church three times. The love going to church but are pretty hard to teach because they are 16 so they focus for about 5 minutes but we are going to invite them to baptism tonight.
Jorge Dominguez (14) has baptismal date for 30 de Marzo. His family are members inactive for about 7 years so he never got baptized. Went to church with his dad yesterday.
Jairo also has baptismal date for this day. He will get married in the morning and baptized in the afternoon. He is 19 and his wife (member inactive) is 20 so they are really immature and I had to help them talk through an issue but it turned out good.
Had a good and bad experience with Jorge the other day. We taught them and several times he started laughing and told me I didnt pronounce some words good. I just remember praying that he would feel the spirit and he accpeted the invitation to be baptized. That happened my first transfer one time and it ticked me off. I was super mad at the person and didnt want to talk but this time was just completely different. After another lesson he asked where I learned spanish because I talk funny.
We had stake conference yesterday and it was broadcasted with Elder Bednar and Elder Scott. Did you know Elder Scott speaks spanish? It was great. Elder Scott talked with such love it was incredible. I remembering praying for an answer to a question from the apostles and I felt it wasnt being answered when I realized that the messages were perfect for investigators that we had there. I realized that God was trying to help his sons and daughters who didnt have the blessings of the gospel when I already have them.
The picture is with a convert of president Cardenas when he was a missionary here in Chiapa de Corzo. Pretty cool story because he was inactive and one day about a year and a half ago president showed up for the first time in like 20 years at his house and the brother has gone to church since and will be getting sealed to his wife in about a month
Dad - Yesterday at stake conference a bishop in Tuxtla and his wife said hi to us and asked me where I was from. I said california and they asked if I know oxnard. His sister lives in Camarillo or Oxnard and is member.  Her maiden name would be Natareno (her brother is Gaudalupe). Someone who has a brother in barrio Palmas in Tuxtla Gutierrez. Not exactly sure if he is bishop but someone told me that after. Pretty small world
I love you. Espero que tengan feliz semana.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I Love Spanish

Yesterday we had a lot of investigators in the church which was great and this week we are going to focus on puting baptismal dates for the people. Something I really dont understand is how people know the Book of Mormon is true but dont commit to being baptized. That has been something difficult for me to learn - the agency of others.

I finally got it this week. Obedience really is the answer to anything. The answer I always used but never understood. I have always been obedient in the mission but sometimes the members would say something or another missionary and I would be afraid to ofend them and in doing so I ofended God and the spirit. I finally understand that really obedience is what we need to always have the spirit and follow God´s plan. I have learned things that are important about obedience throughout the mission but everything kind of hit me this week. I have been working like a loco because i feel like I have already lost some time in my mission.

We are teaching a family of 4 right now and we had such an awesome lesson the other day. The spirit was super strong and we invited them to be baptized and I thought it was for sure but they said no because they hadnt gone to church yet and dont know that much. However, I am really grateful for the example of other missionaries and members because they are listening to us for what they have seen in other members of the church.

Bartolo is hilarious. Yesterday he said before church that two jehovas witness tried to preach to him and he told them thank you but that he was going to the mormon church so he didnt want to waste their time. He could get baptized tomorrow if his ex-wife would only agree to divorce so he can get married.

Sometimes I feel super old here. Roberto who plays football. The girl who went to church with him is more interested and she asked us about what we did before the mission. And she mentioned parties and drinking and she is 16 and I thought of McKell and wanted to say what are you thinking you are a little girl before I realized that that stuff really happened and happens. Yesterday she showed up to church by herself because Roberto couldnt go which was pretty cool.

Can I go to church in oxnard when I get home? I love spanish. Sometimes if the person talks way fast I dont understand and I sound gringo because my voice comes from my throat and not the tongue and I cant really roll r´s but it is awesome to speak two languages. I am starting to understand the cuss words and they are super funny and sound really dumb just like the english words. I had to study that the other day because my comp tells me people who use bad language but I want to tell them to not say those things.

Les amo y que tengan bonita semana. Mucho éxito y animo con el plan misional de la familia. Dios realmente ha preparado personas y sé que por medio de sus esfuerzos podrán ver un bautismo antes de que regrese.

Love, Elder Lidgo o Lingo depende en lo que me dicen haha

Monday, February 18, 2013

Found Some investigators

We finally found a few investigators this week who want to get baptized and now we just need to get them to church which is something we really struggle with here. I found that I could give a little more and we just kept working and finally saw some success. On saturday we planned to visit a reference who wasn´t home so we tried visiting an inactive sister who wasn´t home as well. We then visited our third plan. An inactive family that usually isnt home. They were home and they have a son who isnt baptized. I usually dont say this but I told them that God sent us there to help them go back to church. The wife started crying and told us that her husband has a problem (im guessing he drinks) and we arrived at one of the only times he was thinking clearly to talk. They told us that they were baptized but never understood the lessons and want us to teach them so they can go back to church and the son was willing to listen. What a tender mercy and how amazing is God that we werent able to teach the other people but He knew what this family needed.

The sister Lucero that we invited to baptism this week is awesome. First off, I had a really neat experience the first time we met her. An image popped in my mind of me baptizing her and she was so happy and then I could really see her being touched by the spirit as I shared my testimony. This week we talked about the restoration and she told us (i met have already told you) that she was going to be baptized in a christian church but couldnt go to her baptism. Then we showed up and she felt God was guiding her to the right path. She told the pastor of the other church that she was listening to us because God sent her the true church basically haha. She loved the experience of Joseph Smith and already thinks its true.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Personal Conversion

I am excited to hear about the family mission plan and I will continue praying for family missionary opportunities. My first piece of advice is dont get discouraged if the people dont change or accept the gospel. There is an amazing family here who hasnt lived here that long so they dont know that many people but they give us references. About 2 months ago the hermana Mirta gave us a reference and we taught them once and they kept cancelling on us. Finally, the friend told the hermana Mirta she didnt want to listen to us or go to church. The hermana seemed pretty discouraged when she told us this. However last week she gave us another reference and we went to visit them but they didnt really want to listen. When we talked with the hermana yesterday she asked us what she could teach her friend. We told her to help her friend feel the spirit and she told us that this week she will do that and schedule an appointment for us. I was impressed with her desire to share the gospel.

Next, dont be afraid to testify. To say "I know" is direct and bold but dont be afraid to say it. As people we have the tendency to want to please the people with our words but the most powerful words we have are our testimony.

My last piece of advice would be personal conversion as a family. The first name that should be on the list should be our own. As missionaries we invited others to come unto Christ. Really we are inviting people to come to our level. If we have not come unto Christ, the people cant either. Coming unto Christ is a process of the life but as missionaries we have to strive every day to come unto Him. This conversion leads to more desires to share the gospel. I thought about this a lot in a lesson yesterday when someone told us we were wrong and we could only testify when really we could have pulled out the bible and proved him wrong. If we are not converted these things can discourage us and that is when Satan attacks. Become converted and dont get discouraged.

Something I love about the mission is seeing when people feel the spirit. This week we taught a middle aged woman and as we began teaching I felt I should share an experience with her. I could see that she was feeling the spirit as her face lit up and she put attention into what we were saying. She also accepted the invitation to be baptized.  The hermana ursula says hi to all of you. She is the spirits lady. She was baptized about 10 years ago and went inactive. She was impressed that Elder Turpo and I took the time to help her in this experience and she has been going to church for three months now and hasnt had this problem again. Mom you never need to worry about me if I am here in Chiapa de Corzo with the hermana ursula.

I love you. Realmente sé que Dios nos ama y nos dio Su mejor, Su hijo. Sin ninguna duda, El Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios y si lee, va a saber que fue escrito por profetas de Dios. Les amo.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Chiapa de Corzo Parachicos - Look it up

I just want to start by saying that I have waiting my whole life to see the niners go to the superbowl and now that they make it I am here in Mexico. It honestly doesnt bother me but I thought that was pretty funny. We had a pretty good week.

We are starting to find investigators. We really thought what we could do to find people. The missionaries in the ward of Elder Cavazos in Monterrey made a box for references that they put in the chapel. We decided to do the same. We went around to all the classes yesterday to explain the box and the reference cards. We received several references inmediately and almost everyone is going to look up the direction to put the reference next week. I really like what you said dad about finding a smarter way because before we asked members to introduce us to people but les da pena (look that up because I dont know how to say it in english). Everyone knows someone but it is hard to share the gospel but everyone was excited to do their part by just writing the name and direction of the person.
This week we are going to visit every active member and give them a copy of the talk by Elder Nelson about the missionaries to give to a neighbor or friend because everyone here wants to know why a gringo is walking around with a white shirt and tie but the people are too afraid to ask us what we do. Sometimes they do and then they are interested to listen to a lesson or read a pamphlet.

The other day we were thinking who we could help baptize this coming week and i thought of Alba who committed to be baptized before but didnt want to. We went to visit her and she was super depressed and sad and happy we came to visit. We taught something and invited her to church. She told us she knows she is bad but doesnt want to go because her whole family is catholic. I asked her what she thought of what we teach and she said she knows it has been helping her because we are the only ones who have helped her in her problems. She said maybe someday in the future and she doesnt really care right now. That hurt pretty bad to hear that. To see someone feel the spirit and like the message and reject it, is not fun.

Also, when we went to visit her we planned to invited a young man preparing for the mission to teach with us because he lives close. I forgot about this and as were were in colectivo the thought came to go invite him. We were running late so we got out of the van and i felt again to invite him so we went. When we arrived I asked if he was home and he came walking out wrapped in a blanket and told us God sent us there because he needed a blessing. I know God loves His children because he has used me to answer prayers several times in the mission.

Right now in Chiapa de Corzo there is a fair and other traditions so everyone is drunk or drinking all the time. Look up in google Chiapa de Corzo parachicos if you want to see what the people do. It is PACKED with people and impossible to walk but it is almost over.
One of the members had masks for the Parachicos and she let us try them on.

I love you all and hope all is well.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Challenging Week

This was a good but challenging week. We had another baptism which was a great experience because this girl was my first lesson in Chiapa de Corzo and she was finally baptized. Her mom has been inactive for years and is going to church again. The other day we went to teach her and shared the story of Abraham and Isaac about obedience. We then asked if she was ready for her baptism saturday and she said she wanted to be baptized but not yet. I then asked her if she thought it was important to obey the commandments and she said yes. Then I asked if she thought it was better to wait or do it right now and she said right now and that she would be baptized saturday. I know that the Holy Ghost gave me these words to help Nadia want to be baptized.

In other news, I will be staying here in Chiapa de Corzo with Elder Cavazos and Elder Muñoz will be leaving us. I am glad to just be in two again but I have learned so much from him.

Other than the baptism it was a pretty rough week. The man that talked with us and went to church went to Mexico City and no one knows when he will get back. We had to stop teaching others because they werent progressing and others werent home this week. However, I know that we will find new people to teach and that God has people who are ready to accept this gospel.

I learned a lot about obedience this week. I have been obedient in the mission but I can´t say with exactitud (is that a word in english?). There have always been little things that I could improve but I never felt the need. One day this week we were going to get to the house late so we ran but didnt make it. I felt horrible that night and then there was another mistake this week which I dont remember but I remember that I felt horrible again. And then it finally hit me. Why am I rationalizing 99.9% obedience when God asks 100%?

Also, I learned a lot about charity this week. I can serve these people for two years and love them but if I dont develop charity I will be nothing. The mission is much more than a commandment that we need to obey, it is more than a way of helping people. It is preparation for life and eternal life. It is helping me develop the christlike attributes that I need to live with God. I have always liked to joke around and tease people and even with my companions and it hit me this week. Did Christ do that with Peter and John? I believe He had fun with them but he didnt have to tease them to laugh and have fun. Basically, the mission is destroying the natural man in me. I dont understand why it has taken me so long to learn certain things but I am glad I am learning them now.

Quiero decirles mi testimonio de algo bien importante pero en español porque es más fácil. No sé como voy a hablar sobre la iglesia en inglés otra vez. Sé que la obediencia trae bendiciones y conduce la felicidad. Si amamos a Dios y Jesucristo, vamos a obedecer a los mandamientos. Es tan sencillo. Dios quiere que seamos obedientes, entonces podemos escoger a ser obediente o Dios va a humillarnos para que aprendamos la obediencia. Escoja a ser obediente porque no queremos que Dios nos regañe.
Les amo muchísimo.