Monday, April 29, 2013

Transfers - And I'm Going to. . .

I will going to the beautiful pueblo of chiapa de corzo haha. Thats right im here again. I think I will be getting a ward calling soon haha... I was super suprised but happy because we have a family of 4 that we will be baptizing this month. President did tell me one time that I would help a lot of people in this area so I guess that is true if I stay here my whole mission haha

The little girl did get baptized. Her name is Sarahí and there is also the picture of Carmen and his baptism. We didnt take the picture because this was a rough sunday for converts and investigadores.
Pretty tough week but a good missionary experience we had was when Roberto the father in this family told us how he felt during the baptismal service. I realized that people really can feel the spirit strongly through us or ordinances. We just feel good and dont think anything of it and the people tell us how amazing they feel. Saturday after the baptism roberto told us he had never felt that before and I was thinking where did you feel that when I realized that the spirit is manifested through us and the ordinances of the gospel because we have be set apart. Also, I know for someone who has never felt the spirit to feel it for the first time will definitely notice a difference.

Learning experience... patriarchal blessing... they are amazing huh? You can decide whether you send this part out to others or not. The part that talks about not taking the honor to myself. I never really understand that until this week. It really is a weakness of mine but I am glad I was able to recognize that and work on it.

Another thing is about virtue... Thoughts are everything. President Cardenas talks about that ALOT... Does God really know our weaknesses? you bet he does and sometimes we dont even recognize that. I dont know all the reasons I was sent to this mission but one was definitely learn this from my mission president. That was definitely a weakness of mine and if one learns to control thoughts avoids all the mistakes.

I will let you know next week whats happening for mothers day here. Mothers day in Mexico is always May 10 so I dont know when we will call. I love you

Carmen (next to Elder Hincha) and his son in law who baptized him.  Carmen speaks totzil.

Aprendan su español porque no sé hablar ingles en voz alta jaja
Con amor,
Elder Lythgoe

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