Monday, April 29, 2013

Transfers - And I'm Going to. . .

I will going to the beautiful pueblo of chiapa de corzo haha. Thats right im here again. I think I will be getting a ward calling soon haha... I was super suprised but happy because we have a family of 4 that we will be baptizing this month. President did tell me one time that I would help a lot of people in this area so I guess that is true if I stay here my whole mission haha

The little girl did get baptized. Her name is Sarahí and there is also the picture of Carmen and his baptism. We didnt take the picture because this was a rough sunday for converts and investigadores.
Pretty tough week but a good missionary experience we had was when Roberto the father in this family told us how he felt during the baptismal service. I realized that people really can feel the spirit strongly through us or ordinances. We just feel good and dont think anything of it and the people tell us how amazing they feel. Saturday after the baptism roberto told us he had never felt that before and I was thinking where did you feel that when I realized that the spirit is manifested through us and the ordinances of the gospel because we have be set apart. Also, I know for someone who has never felt the spirit to feel it for the first time will definitely notice a difference.

Learning experience... patriarchal blessing... they are amazing huh? You can decide whether you send this part out to others or not. The part that talks about not taking the honor to myself. I never really understand that until this week. It really is a weakness of mine but I am glad I was able to recognize that and work on it.

Another thing is about virtue... Thoughts are everything. President Cardenas talks about that ALOT... Does God really know our weaknesses? you bet he does and sometimes we dont even recognize that. I dont know all the reasons I was sent to this mission but one was definitely learn this from my mission president. That was definitely a weakness of mine and if one learns to control thoughts avoids all the mistakes.

I will let you know next week whats happening for mothers day here. Mothers day in Mexico is always May 10 so I dont know when we will call. I love you

Carmen (next to Elder Hincha) and his son in law who baptized him.  Carmen speaks totzil.

Aprendan su español porque no sé hablar ingles en voz alta jaja
Con amor,
Elder Lythgoe

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Baptism of Jorge!


We got to baptize Jorge yesterday and it was such an awesome experience becuase he went from someone who wouldnt pray with us to give an amazing closing prayer in his baptismal service. That and conference were the highlights because other than that. Elder Hincha had diarrea and was throwing up this week and i think it was my fault. We are not supposed to eat food from the street but one day a sister gave us tacos and I accepted without thinking before i realized it was desobedience. Once again I got to see the blessings of obedience and the consequences of desobedience.

In two more weeks we have two more baptisms and possibly another in 3 weeks. My companion still doesnt understand and talk but I make him talk in the lessons so he can get over his fears.

Funny experience. We got to watch all conference but saturday morning we watched the saturday morning session from 2011 and didnt realize until later that day. God has a misterious way of working because there was a message that I really liked and needed to hear in that conference.
Conference was amazing. Favorite talk was easily President Uchtdorf in priesthood. But it was funny because after sunday morning Jairo told me that he didnt want me to baptize but Monson haha. It is amazing how people can truly see that he is a prophet of God.

I just want to testify that God answers prayers. Before the conference saturday I prayed that God would show me how I can strengthen my faith more. What did Elder Holland talk about? Yep thats it. In the last session but I knew God would answer my prayer through his chosen mouthpieces. Honestly, I forgot about it at that point and then as Elder Holland was finishing the thought came to my mind that God answers prayers and then I remembered my prayer.

I loved how a big theme in this conference was centered in Jesus Christ and His atonement and faith in him and how God loves. Such an uplifting experience and I felt bad that my companion didnt understand a word.

As far as my birthday goes I didnt even really think about it. It was nice not to think about myself. That night we found an inactive sister who was super happy that we visited her and she has a 9 year old daughter who isnt baptized and finding this family was the best birthday present I could have asked for. Only the Lopez family knew and sent me a text message to wish me a happy birthday. Mario my ward mission leader and his family and his dad Bartolo our investigator.

I love you!!
Love, Elder Lythgoe

Monday, April 1, 2013

Elder Hincha arrived

Elder Hincha from Arizona!  He is great.

House of Prayer - our old meeting place for church
Here I have a foto of the house of prayer and my companion. Elder Hincha who is 19 from Arizona. First time I have been the short companion haha. Elder Cavazos went about an hourfrom here to Villaflores.

He is a great missionary and just a great kid and we get along great. Really we dont talk to much because I am not allowed to talk to him in english and he doesnt understand or speak right now but every now and then I say a few words in english so he doesnt get too discouraged. He really doesnt speak too bad but is just afraid to talk. I remember trying and not being able to so I just need to get him to talk.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. We got packages and letters about a week ago so I missed it by about 2 months when we get them again haha but who knows.

Honestly with a new companion who doesnt speak it is super hard but what I like is that I am able to improve. I have been able to realize and fine tune a couple more things in obedience. My companion literally does EVERYTHING i do so if i choose not to be obedient he will never be an obedient missionary which has made me look for every little thing i can change because I just want Elder Hincha to be a better more succesful missionary than me. I always thought 100% obedience just applied to the big things like getting up on time and going to bed on time but there are so many little rules that I have sometimes ignored that are just as important. I know you have always tought me this but I really struggle with it in that not worrying what other missionaries or people think. I worred about the before. I worried about not ofending an investigator family so they would be more likely to accept the message or I was scared what they would think. I learned that that doesnt have anything to do with their conversion and the most important thing I can do is please my Heavenly Father and be an example to the people.

The good thing is that a mission is two years since it has taken me ten months to realize and learn something crucial. Yesterday I learned the importance of READING what we write in our journals or the notes we take. I took notes in conferences and firesides before the mission and in the mtc where I received revelation to learn something but after that day I forgot about it and never put it in practice until now which is pretty sad but I am grateful that I have finally learned.

Sé que sin ninguna duda que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero y nos ayudará a evitar y superar todas las tentaciones que tengamos. LES AMO

Love, Elder Lythgoe