Monday, May 20, 2013

Exciting Experiences this week

We had some exciting experiences this week. First, the lady who went super far to teach. We ran into her. We asked her if she read the pamphlet and said yes and she believed it.

She said her grandson got sick and she told us. I said the prayer the way you showed me because you told me that was the way to pray and her grandson was better in two hours. She said she has never felt this before and she feels she needs to go to church so we will see if she goes because she lives super far away.

That is exciting that Carlie got baptized.

We did divisions this week and when I got back this little kid came running up to me because his mom said he was super mad that I had left for a day. Even though I want to leave it will be super hard.

I love seeing the progress of the investigadores. Esteban gave a talk in church yesterday, Carmen received the aaronic priesthood. Jorge and Francisco are still going strong and others.

Lately, people have been saying hi to us and we find out they are inactive members and want to go to church so we will try visiting them this week because all of them have family who arent members and we hope to find new investigators.

The faith of people here always amazes me. People tell us they do stuff because we told them and that always amazes me that they trust so much in what we are telling them.

I love you.

Love, Elder Lythgoe

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