Monday, March 25, 2013


So i still dont have a companion haha. He gets here tomorrow and he is american. Thats all i know. Im super nervous because I dont understand 100 and dont speak 100% and now I have a comp who knows nothing but im excited because I know his humility and desire to share his testimony will invite the spirit. Last week I worked with a young man one day and the others with my district leader who is waiting his companion as well. Great experience to learn from Elder Martinez ( from colombia). Great missionary. He has the same time in the mission as me but knows a lot and I am super grateful for the experience.

Yesterday another brother worked with me so we could attend church in our area. We assisted for the first time in the new chapel. Truly amazing and really exciting. I am excited for the chance we will have to find new people through using the chapel.

We had a zone conference with a 70 the other day and his talk was alright but what his wife said was truly amazing. She talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and if we want to stay active and help people stay active we have to read the Book of Mormon everyday. I know the book of mormon converts people because I have felt it and i am seeing it right now. We are teaching Jairo who really had a lot of problems and he told me yesterday that he was at the church because of me. Really I did nothing but the book of mormon worked in him. He has already finished 1 nefi and is read 2 nefi and I know that is what is changing him. I know ex missionaries and cualquier (whichever) member - i dont know - will never go inactive if they read the book of mormon every day and I have committed to do that the rest of my life.

They havent told us anything about the new emailing so who knows. Yesterday we started teaching someone and he accepted the invitation to be baptized. It was pretty funny because he asked me hermano I have a question. If my wife is catholic and doesnt want anything can i get baptized solo or it has to be with her. We explained a little more about baptism and he said if you tell me I can do it then I accept.

Yesterday at church we didnt have that many investigators but Jairo walked in about 45 minutes late with a big smile and waved to me and I just felt super happy to see him there. Jairo is 19 and he is super funny and I love the guy.

The other day with Elder Martinez we had quite the experience with their investigator. She said she read and prayed about the book of mormon and felt something she had never felt before and we helped her realize that was her answer. Then she told us the church was true and we invited her to baptism but she said she would join another church because they had given her a story of an ex mormon who found the truth and thats why. she still says the church is true but was confused with this. Elder Martinez asked her how many times we had said something bad about another church and she said never but it was amazing to me to see her not accept after the experience she had had.

Les amo muchisimo y sigo orando para que tengan oportunidades a compartir el evangelio. Espero que este practicando a hablar espaƱol en Mayo paps.

Love, Elder Lythgoe

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