Monday, March 4, 2013

I Love Spanish

Yesterday we had a lot of investigators in the church which was great and this week we are going to focus on puting baptismal dates for the people. Something I really dont understand is how people know the Book of Mormon is true but dont commit to being baptized. That has been something difficult for me to learn - the agency of others.

I finally got it this week. Obedience really is the answer to anything. The answer I always used but never understood. I have always been obedient in the mission but sometimes the members would say something or another missionary and I would be afraid to ofend them and in doing so I ofended God and the spirit. I finally understand that really obedience is what we need to always have the spirit and follow God´s plan. I have learned things that are important about obedience throughout the mission but everything kind of hit me this week. I have been working like a loco because i feel like I have already lost some time in my mission.

We are teaching a family of 4 right now and we had such an awesome lesson the other day. The spirit was super strong and we invited them to be baptized and I thought it was for sure but they said no because they hadnt gone to church yet and dont know that much. However, I am really grateful for the example of other missionaries and members because they are listening to us for what they have seen in other members of the church.

Bartolo is hilarious. Yesterday he said before church that two jehovas witness tried to preach to him and he told them thank you but that he was going to the mormon church so he didnt want to waste their time. He could get baptized tomorrow if his ex-wife would only agree to divorce so he can get married.

Sometimes I feel super old here. Roberto who plays football. The girl who went to church with him is more interested and she asked us about what we did before the mission. And she mentioned parties and drinking and she is 16 and I thought of McKell and wanted to say what are you thinking you are a little girl before I realized that that stuff really happened and happens. Yesterday she showed up to church by herself because Roberto couldnt go which was pretty cool.

Can I go to church in oxnard when I get home? I love spanish. Sometimes if the person talks way fast I dont understand and I sound gringo because my voice comes from my throat and not the tongue and I cant really roll r´s but it is awesome to speak two languages. I am starting to understand the cuss words and they are super funny and sound really dumb just like the english words. I had to study that the other day because my comp tells me people who use bad language but I want to tell them to not say those things.

Les amo y que tengan bonita semana. Mucho éxito y animo con el plan misional de la familia. Dios realmente ha preparado personas y sé que por medio de sus esfuerzos podrán ver un bautismo antes de que regrese.

Love, Elder Lidgo o Lingo depende en lo que me dicen haha

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