Monday, February 18, 2013

Found Some investigators

We finally found a few investigators this week who want to get baptized and now we just need to get them to church which is something we really struggle with here. I found that I could give a little more and we just kept working and finally saw some success. On saturday we planned to visit a reference who wasn´t home so we tried visiting an inactive sister who wasn´t home as well. We then visited our third plan. An inactive family that usually isnt home. They were home and they have a son who isnt baptized. I usually dont say this but I told them that God sent us there to help them go back to church. The wife started crying and told us that her husband has a problem (im guessing he drinks) and we arrived at one of the only times he was thinking clearly to talk. They told us that they were baptized but never understood the lessons and want us to teach them so they can go back to church and the son was willing to listen. What a tender mercy and how amazing is God that we werent able to teach the other people but He knew what this family needed.

The sister Lucero that we invited to baptism this week is awesome. First off, I had a really neat experience the first time we met her. An image popped in my mind of me baptizing her and she was so happy and then I could really see her being touched by the spirit as I shared my testimony. This week we talked about the restoration and she told us (i met have already told you) that she was going to be baptized in a christian church but couldnt go to her baptism. Then we showed up and she felt God was guiding her to the right path. She told the pastor of the other church that she was listening to us because God sent her the true church basically haha. She loved the experience of Joseph Smith and already thinks its true.

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