Monday, January 7, 2013

Challenging Week

This was a good but challenging week. We had another baptism which was a great experience because this girl was my first lesson in Chiapa de Corzo and she was finally baptized. Her mom has been inactive for years and is going to church again. The other day we went to teach her and shared the story of Abraham and Isaac about obedience. We then asked if she was ready for her baptism saturday and she said she wanted to be baptized but not yet. I then asked her if she thought it was important to obey the commandments and she said yes. Then I asked if she thought it was better to wait or do it right now and she said right now and that she would be baptized saturday. I know that the Holy Ghost gave me these words to help Nadia want to be baptized.

In other news, I will be staying here in Chiapa de Corzo with Elder Cavazos and Elder Muñoz will be leaving us. I am glad to just be in two again but I have learned so much from him.

Other than the baptism it was a pretty rough week. The man that talked with us and went to church went to Mexico City and no one knows when he will get back. We had to stop teaching others because they werent progressing and others werent home this week. However, I know that we will find new people to teach and that God has people who are ready to accept this gospel.

I learned a lot about obedience this week. I have been obedient in the mission but I can´t say with exactitud (is that a word in english?). There have always been little things that I could improve but I never felt the need. One day this week we were going to get to the house late so we ran but didnt make it. I felt horrible that night and then there was another mistake this week which I dont remember but I remember that I felt horrible again. And then it finally hit me. Why am I rationalizing 99.9% obedience when God asks 100%?

Also, I learned a lot about charity this week. I can serve these people for two years and love them but if I dont develop charity I will be nothing. The mission is much more than a commandment that we need to obey, it is more than a way of helping people. It is preparation for life and eternal life. It is helping me develop the christlike attributes that I need to live with God. I have always liked to joke around and tease people and even with my companions and it hit me this week. Did Christ do that with Peter and John? I believe He had fun with them but he didnt have to tease them to laugh and have fun. Basically, the mission is destroying the natural man in me. I dont understand why it has taken me so long to learn certain things but I am glad I am learning them now.

Quiero decirles mi testimonio de algo bien importante pero en español porque es más fácil. No sé como voy a hablar sobre la iglesia en inglés otra vez. Sé que la obediencia trae bendiciones y conduce la felicidad. Si amamos a Dios y Jesucristo, vamos a obedecer a los mandamientos. Es tan sencillo. Dios quiere que seamos obedientes, entonces podemos escoger a ser obediente o Dios va a humillarnos para que aprendamos la obediencia. Escoja a ser obediente porque no queremos que Dios nos regañe.
Les amo muchísimo.

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