Monday, December 31, 2012

Great Week

Francisco was Baptized!!!

It was great talking with you last week and it definitely went by super fast. It kind of messed up my spanish that day because I kept switching back and forth between spanish and english without thinking about it.

There is a sister in the branch with a severely handicapped son and last week I felt we should visit her for christmas. Then again monday night I felt that so I tried finding out where she lived but no one knew. After we all talked we had plans to visit her and an investigator but we decided there would only be time for one visit. We decided to visit her so we bought toy cars to take to her son and called her to see where she lived. We had about an hour and she just talked a ton but it was ok because her son cant talk. She then told us that christmas day she was feeling alone because no one from her family called her and right after we called to visit her and it was so awesome to see her son when we gave him his present. It was a great christmas.

Wednesday we did divisions with our district leader so I went to Tuxtla for wednesday and thursday. It was really fun to teach with an american companion haha. Wednesday night Elder Martinez called me to tell me that Francisco could be baptized saturday because he interviewed him. Friday we went to talk with him and he still didnt want to yet but we talked with him and he decided to be baptized so Francisco was baptized!!!!

Also we were walking to visit a inactive sister friday and we decided to turn down this one street and we heard "Elder" and a man asked us when the building would be finished so we asked if he was a member and he said no but he had read about the church. We taught him saturday and he went to church sunday and liked it a lot. We are going to invite him to be baptized this week.

We can talk with people in the street and so we do that sometimes but most of the time we visit members to share something with them and ask for references. We go to ward council about every three weeks and the leaders are super supportive but sometimes its like what are you talking about. The church is the same but leadership is a little bit different here in Mexico.

My converts when I first got here now have callings. Esteban teachs gospel principles class and Alejandra is secretary in Relief Society. I love this family and they are super excited. I will never forget this family and if we ever have a bad day and visit them they always encourage us.

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