Monday, December 10, 2012

Serving in a Trio

This was an up and down week. Francisco was pretty disappointed because his mom didnt support his decision to be baptized and then she prohibited him from going to church. We dont know if he will be baptized this week but we talked with his mom yesterday and she said she would support him if he wants to get baptized. Also, Alba hadnt been answering our text messages so I called her and she doesnt want to listen anymore. I just told her that we are always here to help her and she started to cry and hung up. We tried visiting her but she wasnt home.

Elder Cavazos is doing great and we teach well together but we have room for a lot of improvement. We get along great and have a great time together. Yesterday we had a neat experience at church. We made a goal to baptize 8 people in December and we dont have more than 4 investigators and they have to go to church to get baptized. Yesterday, the husband of a member came to church and wants to learn. Also, a drunk walked in and wants to change his life. Others came also who we didnt know and with the people from yesterday we have exactly 8 potentials we can baptize in December. In the class of gospel principles we taught about the Holy Ghost and we invited about 7 kids from the primary to sing a song. One investigator who wanted nothing before began to cry and now he wants to learn and come to church.

Presidente Cardenas just called we are getting another new elder and now I will be training two missionaries.  It is hard to train one so I hope I will do OK.

A normal P-Day for us is we study in the morning, then we write to the family, go shopping, eat, cut hair or clean house, go pick up clothes (a family washes for us) and we finish at 6 and usually have a family night with a family or investigator.

Chiapa de Corzo is a little bit crazy right now because it is big time Catholic and this wednesday is Day of the Virgen so there are tons of people here with their virgen idols. We have a christmas activity this friday and one of the sisters is trying to get a Santa Claus costume and wants me to dress up haha.

We study every morning for 4 hours because we have an hour of training for my comp and then we are gone until 9. Then we plan for 30 minutes and have dinner at like 930. Then we do teaching records or journal or iron shirts or sleep because we are always absolutely exhausted.

Sorry if I didnt have any good info this week but I wrote to president first and its hard to write in english because I think in spanglish. I think I would be able to think in spanish if I knew more words.
I love you all.
Our Branch Presidente and his wife love Beef Jerky - thanks mom for sending it.

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