Monday, December 17, 2012

Ward Christmas Activity

Our new companion, Elder Munoz,  is from Quito Ecuador. We all get along great but this is extremely hard and humbling. I feel like I have a real problem with being humble and God is giving me these trials and experiences to help me stay humble. Elder Munoz was working with the Assistants for one week before Presidente Cardenas assigned him to an area. Something that I have thought a lot about is why me? Its not because Presidente Cardenas trusts in me because he told us before we met our companions three weeks ago that God chose us and if he could choose he would not have chosen some of us because we dont have that much experience in the mission. I am not sure why Heavenly Father has chosen me to train these two but I know it is for me to learn something.

Tomorrow we have zone conference and we will be going to the temple in the morning. I feel pretty comfortable with the language but I still speak with a bad accent and have a lot of grammar errors but oh well.

This was a trying week for us. First with the change to being in a trio. It is amazing to me how much God knows as I thought back to the fact the I learned to be in a trio in the MTC for six weeks as well.

Two or three investigators told us that they dont want to listen anymore and Francisco wasnt baptized. We werent able to talk to him but he works with Hermano Joel who told us that he doesnt want to be baptized right now but wants to keep listening. We went to a lot of appointments and there wasnt anyone there. It was hard not to be discouraged. I want to have a baptism so bad for my companions. I dont want them to lose there excitement and I feel like I need to do more to help someone get baptized so they can have that experience.

In the Christmas activity there was a lot of numbers of dancing and singing with tacos after. I have a few pictures but it was hard to take pictures because it was dark and my camera decided to act weird.
I am going to send this and another one to answer other questions. I love you.

Almost forgot. We can call home using skype or phone between 23 and 31 but I dont know when yet. The call is 30 to 40 minutes as it says in the manual misional.
Our new companion, Elder Munoz from Quito, Equador

Elder Munoz, Elder Cavazos, SANTA and Elder Lythgoe

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