Monday, December 3, 2012

My New companion is great

This is where we meet for church (casa de oracion) right now

 Elder Cavazos de Monterrey Mexico;  One of the new 18 year missionaries.
Thank you Young Men and Young Women for my package.  I love you much!

I still think in english but I cant remember some words. Its mixed spanish and english thoughts right now haha.
I was glad to receive a companion from Mexico even if he is whiter than me. It is really hard to be a trainer. Presidente Cardenas talked with us for a little before presenting us to our companions to tell us that we have to be even more obedient now as trainers. Then friday we had a training with all the trainers and leaders of the mission. I got to see Elder Gamez because he is zone leader in Tuxtla now. At first I did not like Elder Gamez at all but I love him and he has truly helped me in my mission.
My companion is great. He teaches well and is well prepared. He is really excited to serve but only has three weeks in the mission but he really misses his family. He is 18 and just finished high school. I love serving with Elder Cavazos.
Most people here have TV with DVD but no computer. It is amazing how you can go to the smallest house and they have nothing but they have their TV haha. We show videos but we mostly just teach.
As far as training goes, it is a 12 week program and I have to teach him how the mission works basically. It is a lot of fun and I have to admit that I was honestly lost a few times this week.
A few experiences of this week, I had been thinking a lot about how we are going to find people to teach because it is really hard with just references. Presidente Cardenas promised us Friday if we ask every single person we talk to if they know someone that can benefit from this message then we will always have people to teach. After the conference, we talk a teenage girl named Jouli who accepted invitation to be baptized and after we left I remembered I forgot to ask if she knew anyone and I felt bad for not asking. The rest of the day I asked everyone we talked with and only received one reference so I didnt really understand. The next day saturday, a teenage girl called us and said she had a family who wants to listen to us. After that we asked a member if he knew anyone and he didnt but we visited our converts and they gave us a reference without us asking and another sister gave us a reference without us asking as well. I know we received these references because we are striving to do what President Cardenas told us to.
We are teaching a young man named Francisco right now. I love this guy. He has truly changed his life. He always comes to church in sweat pants and tshirt so yesterday I gave him pants, shirt and tie. He told us that he cant be baptized in two weeks. I asked why and he said his mom told him it is too fast and he doesnt know enough. I shared a scripture with him and he said he really wants to be baptized this day. After he prayed that he could be baptized 16 de December. I know he will be baptized in two weeks and I am so excited.
I am going to write to president now.  I love you all.

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