Monday, November 26, 2012

A New companion and new chapel

 The New Chapel they are building in Chiapa De Corzo
 So  Boy was it nasty!
Great family baptism!
Thanks for the letters. I am going to try to write fast because we dont have much time so there might be a lot of errores.
First off, Elder Turpo has been transferred to Tapachula. I will be going to Tuxtla tomorrow to get my new companion. I will be training a new missionary.
We had a baptism this week. Danna nine years old. There were two other baptisms. Her sister Yeroma eight and another girl with 8.This baptism was really special because we helped activate the family and the dad received the priesthood last week so he could baptize. Then he asked that Elder Turpo and I confirm his daughters. The love the people have here for the missionaries has strengthened my love for the people.
We are really close to the family of our ward mission leader and a couple others. One daughter in this family just turned 8 and wants us to teach her. She then said she would choose who would baptize. Us or her brother (our ward mission leader). I told her better her brother but she told me that she wants me to baptize her. I feel bad for the brother and want to convince her otherwise but she told me if I am transferred to take her in my suitcase so i could baptize her haha.
As far as my talk goes, I will share that after a high councel member (who was president of a mission in Panama) approached me and told me he can see that I have a true testimony and meant what I said. Something like that but that made me feel really good.
The other pictures are of the chapel they are building and the nasty pizza we ordered.
We have been teaching a woman named Alba for several weeks. Her husband cheated on her and she has lots of problems. She worships images in the catholic church and didnt undertsand why we didnt. We explained about 5 times but she wouldnt accept it. We stopped teaching her and then she came to teach because she is a reference. We taught her again and she didnt want much so we planned to visit one more time. We shared a video about the family and after we planned to talk about that and invite her to church. I felt we should invite her to baptized but I immediately thought she would say no. I decided to do it anyway and she accepted the invitation to be baptized. She told us she feels closer to God now that she has been praying and listening to us.
I love you all.  I found out we might get to skype for christmas but I dont know.

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