Monday, November 19, 2012

First Month in Chiapa De Corzo

First off, I completely forgot it was Thanksgiving because they dont celebrate that here in Mexico. It is hard to even describe what I am thankful for as a missionary. First off, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to represent my Savior Jesucristo. I know that this is truly a privilege in my life. Also, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve here in Mexico. Spanish is super hard for me to learn. I think it is the first thing that had not come naturally easy for me to learn. However, I have learned so many lessons from the people here. They just give and give and its hard to accept but they are so happy to help us as missionaries. One sister in the branch does so much for us and she told us because her son was a missionary and her other son will be that she hopes people treat her sons as she treats us. I am thankful for the changes in the mission. We dont have many investigators right now because a lot of the members are learning to work and help us but it is so fun to see the happiness of the members as their friends or family members accept the gospel.
Most importantly, I am thankful for my savior and for a loving Heavenly Father. I dont remember when but one day I decided to kneel in prayer and dedicate MY LIFE not just my mission to God. Heavenly Father will always come first in my life unlike before. As for my future, I am here to serve my Heavenly Father. If that means I become a teacher in elementary school vs a doctor I will do it because God knows more than we do and he will only guide us. I say this as I have learned that we avoid the natural man when we submit to the will of God which is extremly hard but rewarding.
Yesterday, I gave my first talk here in Mexico. I talked about the Atonement and conversion and how we as members have to convert to the gospel to receive the blessings of the Atonement. A person converted is unshakable in the gospel. Conversion is a lifetime process but if we dont strive daily to convert ourselves more we wont become converted.
We have cambios again next week so we will see what happens but I think both Elder Turpo and I will still be here.
Elder Lythgoe and his companion, Elder Turpo (from Peru) in Chiapa de Corzo

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