Monday, October 15, 2012

First Transfer

Dear Family,
Thanks for the letters and pictures this week. My letter is going to be a little shorter today because there have been transfers. Elder Gamez is going to Tuxtla this afternoon to be trainer again for another gringo. I will be leaving tomorrow morning for Chiapa de Corzo just outside of Tuxtla. I dont know who my companion will be. It is really hard to leave because I am beginning to understand a talk and we have some really good investigators right now.

We werent able to talk with the parents of Jalil and he was scared to because he just wants to wait until he is 18. We are teaching a young man who is 15 years old and he will be baptized in a few weeks. He is so excited about the gospel. After our first visit he told us the next time that he had prayed about Joseph Smith and felt really happy about it so he knows it is true. He has told his whole family and friends and is not afraid to talk about his lessons with the missionaries which is great.
I am excited to go to my new area and get to work.

As far as spanish goes I understand during lessons and the other times I dont understand much. It has to be quiet and I have to focus 100% to understand.

Elder Gamez and I are feeling better but monday, tuesday, and wednesday were pretty tough and we werent able to work a lot.

Now that I can understand kind of I get to hear all the funny things said about me. I havent noticed until this week but people always explain stuff to Elder Gamez and then tell him to tell me and I just laughed when I understood this for the first time.
I love you.
The picture is of the young men and some others in Barrio Indeco
Love, Elder Lythgoe

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