Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A week of Lessons

This week was a week of trials. On wednesday we committed three women to baptism and it felt great. We had lessons planned for all three saturday. First one was cancelled because she moved out of her daughters house to another daughter out of our area. Second, she wanted to be baptized and only needed to talk to her husband and he said no because his family is a different religion and he was mad she had two young men in their home. Third, this sister was extremely emotional and laid her problems on the table big time and we told her to read the book of mormon and pray and she wanted to receive an answer and be baptized but the last couple times we tried to visit she told us that she was too busy or didnt answer the door. We went from having zero investigators to having three to having zero in three days.
We had a cool experience though. We went to the house of a member last sunday to ask for a reference. When we got there the daughter Alexia walked out put a chair in front of us and asked for a blessing because her dad isnt a member. We ate with this family two days later and the mom told us the experience her daughter had. She was sick sunday and when we arrived asked her mom who was there and her mom said los elderes. Good they are here to give me a blessing. Her mom said no they arent. Then Alexia said yes they are mom because I just prayed that God would send someone who could give me a blessing. God answers prayers.
Now that I can talk more and understand more its kind of scary because the mom of some girls was indirectly telling me to marry her daughter. She told me a i will marry a mexican return misionera which describes her daughter because her daughter wants to serve. I didnt know what to say but it was scarry.
I contacted a man in english yesterday and completely butchered some words in english. It was pretty embarrassng.. I love you all.
Genaro (the little short man) was our recent convert at almost 80.  He has so much faith.
Elder Lythgoe

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