Saturday, June 9, 2012

Elder Lythgoe and Elder Bramwell are Reunited!

 A great reunion between best buds at the MTC! Elder Lythgoe and Elder Bramwell!
Elder Lythgoe had lunch the same time as Elder Bramwell was to arrive.  Elder Lythgoe and his companion, Elder Kjar decided to see if they could find Elder Bramwell.  As they walked out of the building the first car they saw driving into the MTC was Elder Bramwell!!!  Tender Mercies!

Week 2 - in the MTC!

Dear Family,
     First off, yes I am getting all the dear elders and thank you. I love getting them! Sorry if I forget to answer any questions but I feel like every letter has 50 questions in it.
     So last Friday one of the teachers Hermano Fosset told Elder Kjar and I that a teacher here served in Tuxtla. He wouldn´t tell us who it was though. Then on Saturday, we met Hermano Peck who has been acting as Alberto. He served in Tuxtla and got home last May. Alberto is someone he taught while on his mission so essentially we have been practicing on someone from our mission. Amazing! I love teaching Alberto and the Mexican people just sound amazing. I love hearing about the people there and I am already beginning to love the people I dont even know yet. Hermano Peck hasn´t told us too much yet because he wants to bring pictures but I had to ask about food and he said its a lot of beans, rice, chicken enchiladas with spicy mole, and chicken tacos. He said the worst thing he ate was mushrooms so that made me feel a lot better. He had one white companion and that was his trainer. Every other companion didnt speak a word of english.

     Yesterday we started TRC which is where we go teach volunteers to help us practice spanish. We taught Wendy who is from Mexico and barely speaks English. She has been to Tuxtla and thats about all I understood. She talks so fast its ridiculuos. The spirit was so strong though when we bore testimony. I love teaching. I dont even understand that much and I cant say everything I would like to I feel so happy and filled with the spirit when I testify of my Savior, Jesu Christ. My purpose the next two years is simple. I am inviting others to come unto Christ. There is no greater message out there. I look forward to seeing people CHANGE through Jesus Christ. He is our older brother and Redeemer. I can feel him put his arm around me whenever I am struggling with something here in the MTC.

     On Tuesday, Elder Marlin K Jenson spoke at the devotional and it was amazing. His message was amazing and powerful. He encourage us to open our mouths. He tied that into the Law of Consecration and I am excited to open my mouth, share the gospel, and serve others not just now but for the rest of my life. I always wanted to be a doctor because i find it interesting and I liked the idea of the status of a doctor. I realized who cares about status. We are all the same in God´s eyes and I just wanted to help people. If I can just change one persons life on my mission I will be happy, likewise serving others on my mission has helped me realize that I want to be a doctor to improve people´s lives.

     Now the good story. Yesterday was crazy. I couldnt focus because I was so stoked for Elder Bramwell to get here. At 1225 I told Elder Kjar we should walk out front to wait or see if he was there. The Bramwells pulled in just as i walked out. It was so exciting to see B and everyone else. Then I waited with his Host while he got his stuff to see which dorm he was in. He comes out and says he is in 13m which was my dorm then room 325 and I am room 341. We are right down the hall!!!! Crazy! We were so stoked. His meal times are about the same as mine so we see each other a bunch. His companion and roommates all seem like great guys and he is loving it here. Seriously! What are the odds he would be staying right down the hall from me. It will be an awesome three weeks.

     I cant believe I have seven weeks left here because I just want to teach people already. I don´´t know if Ill want to come home in two years. I´´m happier than I have ever been because my life only focuses on the gospel. Something to think about... Jesus Christ has done everything for us. The scriptures, our baptismal covenant, and Moroni´´s promise tell us to only remember Him. How long do we go before we arent thinking about Him. I know for me before my mision that other things would weigh on my mind as soon as church ended. I encourage everyone to remember our Savior. His sufferings were so exquisite we know not. He BLED from every pore so we wouldnt have to. We are weak and need Jesus Christ so turn to him, love Him, and REMEMBER Him.

     I love you and thanks for your letters and support.
Elder Lythgoe

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