Monday, June 25, 2012

Half Way through the MTC

Dear Family,

Thanks for the package this week. I always love getting sweets and notes. Thanks to everyone who sent notes and letters. I'm still in the process of writing back but I will try to do that quickly if I can find the time. And mom I have taken pictures but I havent sent any yet and I will do the map picture before Jake leaves.
The last couple days have been hard and its hard not to compare yourself to other missionaries. I had been pretty frustrated and discouraged and the only time where I would forget about that stuff and be happy was when I was teaching and sharing my testimony. I love sharing the gospel and there is no greater feeling. I love the MTC but I cant wait to be in Mexico.

I am learning so much here and my spanish has improved a lot. Yesterday when we taught a volunteer, he said my spanish was better than his when he left the MTC after 9 weeks so that was encouraging. Basically I have the slow spanish down but whenever I hear a native speaker I probably only understand about 10% but I know it will come. Hermano Davis always makes fun of me for my gringo accent though because I cant do the accented "o" sound for some reason so a lot of people in Mexico might be laughing when I get there.
The volunteer we taught yesterday in TRC is the convert from the movie The Best Two Years and the bishop in the Singles Ward movie so that was pretty cool and he gave us a lot of feedback that was really helpful.
For some reason I cant think of much to say this week other than I cant believe how much the MTC and mission is changing me. I have never felt this strong of a desire to just be better. Elder Robbins spoke in our devotional Tuesday night and at the end he made the point that revelation does not come when we are on our knees but it comes when we get up and go to work. I really liked that and I find it to be true. Another speaker we had a couple weeks ago made the statement to "Never drag main street again" and I see his point so clearly in that the mission is changing my life forever with the habits I am forming and the increased desire to always have the spirit with me. I wish I could have done a couple weeks in the MTC before freshman year of college because if you do what you are supposed to then you really learn how to manage time and study effectively.

Sorry I dont have much to say this week but I will make it better next week. I love you!


Elder Lythgoe

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